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Fahri Jacob Solicitors are experienced in providing advice both to persons in debt and to persons seeking to recover money owed to them.

Debt Advice

If you are in debt Fahri Jacob Solicitors can help you to identify how to better manage your affairs by explaining to you which of your debts are the most important and must be prioritised and thereafter how to better manage your debt by rescheduling.

Sometimes debts can become too large to manage by repayments. If you feel that is the case we can assess your debts, advise and represent you in a number of applications at Court; all of which have different advantages to suit different people and situations.

Debt Enforcement

If you are a creditor and you are owed money we can help. We are experienced in all stages of litigation and can offer services to you depending on the value of the debt and how much you wish to spend to recover it.

We are able to advise or represent you making an application for a County Court Judgement, a Charging Order or subsequent order for sale of a property, a Bailiff’s Order, an attachment to earnings Order. To stand the best chance in recovering your money it is important that you make the right application as each will have a different affect and is appropriate in different circumstances.

For more information please contact us at or alternatively call us on 0208 347 4070.

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